Beschrijving NPI ASI 400 luchtstroom incubator

De ASI 400 luchtstroom incubator van Nicholson Precision Instruments zorgt voor een precieze controle van fysiologische temperaturen boven kamertemperatuur. De incubator kan worden toegepast in microscopie, flow cytometrie, microinjectie etc. De gefilterde luchtstroom voorkomt verstoring van het experiment door tocht en stof. Het apparaat is zodanig ontworpen dat er geen storing van gevoelige electronische apparatuur optreedt.

Breedte x diepte x hoogte = 28 x 23 x 48 cm, gewicht 5 kg, netspanning 208-230 VAC.

Description NPI ASI 400 air stream incubator

The Nicholson Precision Instruments ASI 400 Air Stream Incubator provides critical maintenance of physiological temperatures on unenclosed microscope stages and can be used with a variety of instrumentation where precise control above ambient temperature is required. The non-cyclical, temperature controlled stream of air is focused directly on the culture chamber, microscope stage, condenser and objective, the area requiring critical temperature control. There is no need to enclose the microscope. The filtered, high velocity air stream inhibits interference from room air currents and prevents dust contamination, without obstructing access to the specimen and equipment. The ASI 400 Air Stream Incubator is completely adjustable and can be used with any light microscope, upright or inverted. In addition, it can be used in other environments where precise temperature control is required, i.e., for temperature control of the cell suspension in flow cytometer and with microinjection apparatus to provide temperature stability during delicate microsurgical procedures. The temperature controller in the ASI 400 uses zero voltage switching to eliminate radio frequency interference. The ASI 400 also has heavy RFI filtering on the power line. These design features along with the aluminum cases eliminate problems with both radiated and conducted radio frequency interference.

Width x depth x height = 28 x 23 x 48 cm, weight 5 kg, voltage 208-230 VAC.

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