Beschrijving Axxiom Solventtrak HPLC mobiele fase recycler

De SolventTrak spaart het milieu en kosten door recycling van schone mobiele fase naar het HPLC reservoir voor hergebruik.

Gebruiksaanwijzing (Engelstalig)

Description Axxiom SolventTrak mobile phase recycler

The SolventTrak HPLC solvent recycler is easily installed into any isocratic HPLC system. It automatically detects eluting peaks and diverts them to waste using an inert solvent diverter valve. All clean, uncontaminated solvent is sent back to the reservoir for reuse. SolventTrak incorporates a unique integration algorithm to accurately detect peaks in the eluent, so that contaminants are eliminated, even if chromatography system conditions cause the baseline to drift up or down.

Operators manual

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