Description Hach COD Reactor Model 45600

The Hach Model 45600 COD Reactor is a 25-well, dry-bath incubator that provides the 150°C temperature environment required in Hach's test system for chemical oxygen demand (COD) determinations. Each well has a diameter of 16 mm and a depth of 50.75 mm, e.g. for use with 16×100 mm vials. In addition to the COD requirements, this model provides features for timed operation and temperature adjustment.

In the COD digestion mode, the temperature switch is set in the 150°C position and the temperature is maintained within ± 2°C constantly. Heater block temperature can be verified by placing the thermometer supplied with the instrument in the temperature well provided in the block.

In the adjustable temperature mode (100-155°C), the instrument can be used for digestion of other samples that require different digestion temperatures. A two-hour timer is incorporated for applications where timed digestion is desired. When this feature is used, the bell will sound and the unit will shut off at the end of the selected time period. The timer also can be used without the shut-off feature when operating in the infinity mode.

User manual

Width x depth x height = 20.3 x 30.5 x 12 cm (without thermometer), weight 3.5 kg, voltage 115/230 VAC selectable.

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